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Pioneering Patient Assessment Tools

for the measurement of neurological and motor function.



easily integrated

Qr8: A digital health company

Our vision is to enable transformational improvement in patient care by providing medical devices for collecting highly standardized clinical data and patient-reported outcomes, in any medical or home setting.

A Platform Technology

Qr8 Health’s platform technology incorporates standardized, validated digital tests for the measurement of neurological and motor function along with patient reported outcomes that are self-administered on a mobile tablet device and easily integrated into electronic health records.


Our platform technology has future potential in the detection and treatment of:







Heart Failure

Heart Failure





Multiple Sclerosis Performance Test

The first example of our platform in clinical use is the Multiple Sclerosis Performance Test (MSPT), an iPad-based assessment tool designed to objectively quantify major motor, visual, and cognitive symptoms for patients with multiple sclerosis. The MSPT is administered during routine clinical visits and test results are automatically posted to the patient’s electronic health record.


MSPT is current being utilized by the Cleveland Clinical Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis and in over 50 multiple sclerosis centers globally.

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Transformational Clinical Data Collection

  • Clinically-meaningful and validated measures in digital format
  • Collects patient-reported outcomes and patient-entered data
  • Self-administered by patients
  • Enables aggregation of data to characterize and track large target patient populations
  • Standardized functional assessments easily integrated into clinical practice

World-Class Patient Care

  • Allows advanced collection of functional measurement and patient-entered data designed to improve clinical outcomes
  • Enables data tracking over time to better facilitate treatment or behavioral interventions
  • Patient-friendly software facilitates clear communication between patient and physician
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Economic Efficiency

  • High-quality data collection without excess burden on clinical staff
  • Enables immediate access to patient data at the point of care
  • Full electronic medical record (EMR) integration using SMART on FHIR approach

Our Products 

Both cognitive and physical function can be negatively impacted by many neurological disorders and are important to assess early and regularly in order to provide a more personalized care plan. Neuro At Home™ is an FDA registered digital application* that assesses domains most commonly affected by these diseases and can be conveniently completed by the patient outside of the clinic setting.

Neuro At Home™

  • Contains four test modules that administer validated, standard measures that are familiar to health care professionals:
    • Visual Memory Test (VMT) is based on the 7/24 Spatial Memory Test
    • Tapping Coordination Test (TCT) is based on the Finger Tapping Test
    • Functional Mobility Test (FMT) is based on the Timed Up & Go
    • Patient Comprehension Test (PCT) is based on the CASAS Employability Competency System
  • Designed to be performed by a patient outside of a healthcare environment and may be completed across one or more sessions
  • Captures and collates patient data across multiple visits, allowing the health care professional to review trends in performance over time
  • Has the capability to connect to an EHR system or alternatively; results can be digitally exported

*Currently available as an investigational tool for use in all patient groups

Information processing speed and memory are often negatively affected in many neurological disorders and are important to identify early. Cognition Snapshot™ is an FDA registered digital application that quickly evaluates processing speed, spatial & verbal memory for use in all patient groups.

Cognition Snapshot™

  • Rapidly measures cognitive domains which are particularly sensitive during mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
  • Contains two test modules, the processing speed test (PST) and the visual memory test (VMT) which have been validated against the symbol-digit modalities test (SDMT) and the 7/24 spatial recall test respectively
  • Validated to be fully patient self-administered through step by step tutorial
  • Results are automatically scored and norm-adjusted based on demographic variables

Information processing speed can be impacted by neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Identification is important as processing speed impairment can potentially be modified with cognitive training and future therapeutic intervention.

PST Snapshot™

  • An FDA registered cognitive function test that rapidly measures information processing speed
  • Digital application based on the symbol-digit modalities test (SDMT), a symbol substitution neuropsychological test that examines a person’s attention and speed of processing
  • Patient self-administered assessment completed in under five minutes
  • Results are automatically scored and norm-adjusted based on demographic variables such as age and level of education
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